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Press and Reviews / What Mountain Bike Magazine

What Mountain Bike Magazine Review December 2007 – Read Full Article  We challenged What Mountain Bike Magazine to come to Les Arcs and descend the height of everest in a day…

“The first big drop of the day – intended by Ash to get us off to a head start by banking 1743 vertical metres in a single hit – was tagged Double Header (for reasons that are probably best left obscured in the mist of trailAddiction lore). It is, by any standards, an epic of a technical woodland descent, dropping from the treeline to the valley floor by means of a seemingly endless sequence of steep, loamy, rocky and be-switchedbacked trails.”   “Most UK riders would be chuffed to descend all 1085 metres of Snowdon in a day. We’d done the equivalent of five times that already, which put us just over the halfway mark.”   “Secret Garden cuts an inches-wide swathe through almost untouched forest on a long-forgotten hiking trail. Vine-covered fallen trees and moss-covered rocks keep us on our toes.”   “You can ride some of the climbs if you want to, but with two vertical kilometres of prime singletrack on tap, frankly, why would you? We reckon you could ride every day for a week and not ride the same trail twice – it\’s that good…..The whole lot\’s topped off with comfortable accommodation, great food and a relaxed atmosphere.”

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