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Press and Reviews / Singletrack Magazine

Singletrack Magazine December 2011 Jon Woodhouse from Singletrack Magazine visited Destination X (Areches-Beaufort) and wrote a glowing review of our new resort base.

“In the treeline the trail has massive natural berms which are feet high and I hear a burst of excitement from the Dutch guys… the only thing I can make out is \’super bobsleigh bahn\’, which seems to sum that section up pretty damn well.”   “Every ten minutes the trail changes character; it\’s a mountain biker pick \’n\’ mix, in fact it\’s a bloody all-you-can-eat buffet. We\’ve certainly gorged by the time we get to the quiet little village that sits at the heart of this wonderland.”   “A very welcome shower and some fresh clothing follow, before we feast on delicious food. We stand and prop the bar afterwards, still excitedly talking before submitting to tiredness…”

Full article

Singletrack Magazine December 2005 Singletrack Magazine featured an article describing our Backcountry Daytrip called HEIDI.

“It\’s top quality, hardpack singletrack all the way; the top half is a virtual rollercoaster, sweeping through mellow-graded open ground near the Col; the bottom half is a much tighter and twister affair dropping through the woods of Le Fornet and Le Laisinant.”   “[We were] almost immediately in the grips of one of the most exciting sections of singletrack I’ve ever ridden. Twisting and turning, faster, slower, faster, slower, down through a wonderfully eclectic wilderness of scattered pines. With fleeting glimpses of the surrounding near 4000m high snowy peaks, this was undiluted mountain biking heaven and it seemed to go on forever.”   “…In terms of quality, quantity and variety, this had been the best of all the mountain biking escapades I\’ve experienced”

Full Article

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