Matching you with the right guide & small group of ride buddies is absolutely critical to your trip.

Its always our top priority

Guiding, Coaching & Groupings

In our opinion, the guiding element is perhaps THE most important factor in getting the most from your holiday. Here at trailAddiction, we take this very seriously indeed. In fact, we PROMISE that we’ll find you a SMALL guide group that fits well with your personal riding style and ability**.

You’ve come to trailAddiction to ride some of the best trails in Europe – and that’s all very well… if your guide knows where they are. The best trails are often the ones that aren’t marked out on the trail map, and this is especially true of where we like to take you. This is why we only use guides that have already trained with us for at least one full season – about the time it takes to impart a complete working knowledge of this extensive, difficult-to-navigate area. Of course, we also all know the sweetest lines, the secret hidden jumps and drops, the best spots to take in the breathtaking views and the nicest cafes to grab a cheeky snack or well-earned drink at the end of the day.

Our guide groups are always small, and in that way, very personal. An average of 5-6 riders per guide means that you’ll spend much more time in the saddle and a lot less time waiting for the rest of your group to catch up or to fix those inevitable punctures.

Mixed-Ability groups are no fun for anyone, and we make lots of effort to make sure this doesn’t happen.  We’ll start by asking you some questions about your current riding experience, when you book your trip. On the morning of the Day 1, we warm up on local runs of easy to moderate difficulty, to give us a chance to see your riding style and ability and therefore arrange a guide group for you that will be right up your street.

All of our (fully qualified) guides know how to handle a bike, perhaps more importantly, know how to pass on that knowledge. For those that want it, bike handling tips or even informal riding Skills Coaching Sessions can be arranged as part of your day out. It really is up to you. The small groups will allow you plenty of time to chat to your host on the lifts and agree together what you’d like to do next. Of course, many of you don’t want to have to think about all that – you just want to ride good trails! If that’s the case, we’ll be happy to lead you for days on end on the best trails you’ve likely ever ridden – all you have to do is shout when you’ve had enough!

For less confident riders, or those with little prior Alpine Experience, on selected dates we’re running special Alpine Improvers Coaching Groups

If you are considering coming over on your own, don’t worry about feeling left out – many of our guests are in the same position as you are. How better to meet a great bunch of like-minded riders? Be assured that by the end of the first day you’ll have made a whole load of new friends, and be riding in a group that is well matched to your trail preference, confidence, and riding ability. Join our Facebook Group and get to know our other guests before you even depart.

**Important note about Guiding Groups – Our bookings system asks some questions about your riding ability, you must answer these accurately otherwise we cannot guarantee that we will have a guiding group to suit. Inexperienced or less-than-confident Alpine riders are very strongly advised to book an Alpine Improvers Coaching Week in Les Arcs. 

Our Destination X packages are suitable for more experienced Alpine riders since we have only 2 guide groups running at this location. 

Guiding & Coaching for Alpine Novices

Riding in the Alps can be daunting at first, especially for inexperienced riders. To be straight about it, if you are new to off-roading, you’d be best advised to wait a year or two before coming on a trailAddiction guided holiday. We have lots of practise in dealing with those ready to step up a level and we certainly don’t just stick them in with a group of experienced riders. Please let us know at the time of booking if any of your group are a little low on confidence or trail riding experience and we will direct you to one of our Alpine Improvers Coaching Group Dates. While all our guides will give even the most experienced rider a run for their money, they all have a lot of experience in coaching at any level. Less experienced riders find that by the end of the first day, helped along with a little encouragement from their guide, their riding has come on leaps and bounds!

Guiding for non-package-holiday customers

We strongly believe the best way to experience Les Arcs or Beaufort is to join us for a whole week’s riding – that we we can really get to know you and tailor the entire week’s itinerary just as you would like it! We pride ourselves on offering a 100% tailored service, and this is simply not possible on a short term basis.

We get a high volume of enquiries for guiding on an indepenent basis.  Our guiding service is tailored to be an integral part of the whole week’s holiday package with trailAddiction.  We do not offer guiding services on an individual ad-hoc basis to any riders not booking as part of a complete trailAddiction package.  In our opinion, its just not possible to offer the same personal, tailored and dedicated service we pride ourselves on, without the support and organisation of the support functions we provide as part of our entire holiday package.

That said, if you are a group of friends staying in the area on an independent basis and wish to book a guide for the day to form your own separate guide group, we will try to help subject to very limited availability.   Our hire-a-guide day rates start at 250 Euros per day, with large discounts if you wish to make it a multi-day trip with us.

“This is alpine singletrack at it’s very best, riding simply doesn’t get better than this.” – Ian Jones, UK


“For my sort of riding and bike (5″-6″ is perfect), this is soooo much better than Morzine/Les Gets. Last couple of years in PdS never improved my riding as much as this holiday did. trailAddiction are the only guys doing this sort of holiday in this great resort and they do a really good job. Gordy and Sophie made the best dinners I’ve ever had in the Alps, summer or winter, full stop. Completely recommended.”- Graeme MacLean, UK


“THE 6 BEST DAYS I HAVE HAD ON MY BIKE EVER! The trails are pristine and natural. The scenery is magnificent and the guides were brilliant. This will definately be an annual pilgrimmage for me.” – Kayn Woolmer, South Africa

“The guides went out of their way to understand the kind of riding we wanted to do and did a brilliant job of tailoring the holiday to suite. The ratio of guides to guests was outstanding and everyone was very laid back (without being unprofessional), it really felt like we were riding with friends rather than on a guided holiday. Brilliant trails, brilliant company, I can’t recommend them highly enough! – Lee Sheldon


“After a while I couldn’t remember what a particular descent was like, since the next seemed better! Guides are essential to get the most out of the area since there are so many tracks everywhere.” – Dave Wills, UK