Long-Weekend/Short-Week Mountain Biking Holiday Packages

Our standard packages are all week-long and run Saturday to Saturday.  However, if you are looking to arrange a bespoke trip (a short-week, long-weekend, or even an extended stay) we are happy to put a package together for you.  Please note that minimum group size for bespoke trips, is 5 people (and the price per person will improve, the larger your group).

We do have the ideal “standard” long-weekend suggestion for you as an even better alternative:

If you are short on time but are desperate for an action packed weekend of awesome single track this summer, check out trailAddiction’s Les Arcs Enduro2.    Its a ‘race’ if you will, but most of the competitors are there mainly to soak up the atmophere and enjoy riding the amazing “Best Of Les Arcs Singletrack” course we have put together.  The format of the event (no fixed start-gate times) means that the course can be ridden as casually or competitively as you wish. Check it out!

We are also offering a bespoke 5-day package at the start of June 2022 to benefit those in the UK who will enjoy the special extra Queen’s Jubilee Bank Holiday. Email us for details.