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Press and Reviews / Dirt Magazine

Dirt Magazine Review February 2009 – Read the full article  Professional Mountain Biker Rowan Sorrell came out to visit in 2008. Here is what he had to say in his subsequent article in Dirt Magazine. We think he enjoyed himself…

“This is true all-mountain riding, most descents can be accessed straight from the lift, some require a little climbing or hiking, but you are then left with big epic descents of sublime singletrack with some pretty technical stretches thrown in for good measure.”   “We found some fun lines around some World War II bunkers on the way to the Poundstretcher trail, aptly named as you get great value. This sums up the best runs out here; old paths that countour the hills so your always descending slightly, most are fairly technical but you get a hell of a lot of trail from the vertical drop. Pretty much every day you arrive back to base whacked from a solid days riding and looking forward to hitting the pillow rather than the bar!”   “Another standout trail which we enjoyed so much was La Varda. Flowing and fast smooth singletrack in places, exposed steep trail in others, and nothing short of trials in the final rock switchbacks. It calls on all of your riding skills to clean this one without any crashes or dabs.”   “Some of the best resort-based all-mountain riding to be found in the Alps.”   “trailAddiction is located in the lovely village of Peisey Nancroix, with a great traditional feel. The chalet we stayed in was beautiful with all the mod-cons needed to make our stay as enjoyable as possible.”

Read the full article 

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