If you are spending money in Euros, but you are based outside of the EuroZone, you can end up paying 5% or more in un-necessary currency exchange fees imposed by your bank or credit card.

On a €1000 transaction that’s €50 or sometimes more, just thrown away.  Worse, if you need to cancel your registration and we make a Euro-currency refund to your card, your regular bank will often charge you the same fee again, for a second time!

Quite often these fees are hidden, by giving you a poor exchange rate rather than the true exchange rate at the time of your transaction.

We’ve used Wise for years to avoid this problem, and we’d recommend you do the same.  Where a bank typically charges 5% or more, they charge less than 1%.   We’ve found from our own experience that they are always fully transparent about the true fees they charge, and we think that’s important too.

Its super easy to set-up an online account with Wise and you can usually begin to use it immediately. 

You can use it just like a second bank account, or simply just get a physical debit card that you can use to buy anything you want online – including use it to pay for your trailAddiction holiday or event registration. 

You can get your new Wise”virtual” debit card details online, instantly, as soon as you’ve registered.

No doubt, this card will come in handy for when you actually travel next summer, as a safe and cheap way to spend whilst in the EuroZone without getting ripped off on every single transaction you make, while you’re on holiday.

Over the years, by using this service for all our international transactions (as well as whenever we go on holiday ourselves) we estimate we have literally saved thousands of Euros, and to be honest we find it easier than using a regular bank.

To be totally transparent, we do earn a small one-off referral fee if you sign-up and use their service, but that’s not why we recommend them.  The bigger issue here is that most high-street banks are completely ripping you off if you ever spend on your card, in a foreign currency – and there’s just no need for you to accept this, in the modern banking era.

If you sign-up using the trailAddiction referral link then the first transaction is completely comission free with zero fees at all (and no ongoing commitment or subscription costs).

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