Dorian Ho-Choa, Guide, Les Arcs

Age: 33 years
Riding style  : EN / AM / DH

Dorian started riding on his native Reunion Island (A big volcano in the Indian Ocean, if you don’t know it!) and competed in the local downhill cup series when he was 15 until age 25.   Dorian then moved to France to study full time in French MTB guiding school, as well as funding his studies by working part time as a hospital nurse.

For the past 5 years Dorian has focussed his attention into Enduro riding and exploring the region of Les Arcs, the Tarentaise  and beyond, as well as racing all around France in the Enduro cup series.  He has been guiding for trailAddiction since 2016 with a focus on point-t0-point tours and overnight trips.

As well as guiding and helping to manage trailAddictions operation in France, Dorian runs his own MTB bike and import business and is the official distributor of Yeti Cycles in Reunion Island.  Dorian offers guided trips on Reunion and also in Provence, France, with his own guiding company, Secret-Trails.