What makes trailAddiction special is, quite simply, a deep-rooted passion for mountain biking.”

About Us

What makes trailAddiction special is, quite simply, a deep-rooted passion for mountain biking. By sharing this passion with all our guests, many find a whole new dimension to the sport they already love so much. A large majority of our guests return to stay with us in following years, and of course, we are always delighted to see them again.

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Unlike many other alpine operators, we are not a winter ski chalet looking to expand into the summer market. Neither are we a general alpine summer tour operator. In fact, we don’t operate in the winter at all, and we have no affiliation to any winter activities. Nor do we organise other sporting activities in the summer. In this way, our focus is 100% mountain biking. In the off-season, we are busy trail-finding and preparing for the following summer. You won’t find a group more dedicated to the cause than we are. We are confident the riding we offer really is top-class and truly unique in the world of mountain biking holidays.

From humble beginnings in 2002, trailAddiciton now has a dedicated team of 20 very experienced, enthusiastic staff who love mountain biking and the alpine environment as much as you do! We are small enough to know each customer by name, yet are well-established enough to provide exceptional quality and reliability of service with a large range of ability-streamed groups for you to choose to ride in, all at outstanding value-for money. Each of our guides is minimum M.I.A.S. LEVEL 3A qualified (the ONLY level of award that does not exclude high-Alpine guiding). Perhaps more importantly, each of our guides has undergone one full summer season’s intensive trailAddiction training before being awarded the responsibility of leading groups for the first time, in the following season. Only in this way can we ensure the quality of the riding experience we offer, which we pride ourselves as being best-in-industry. We look forward to sharing with you a magnificent mountain biking adventure, very soon.

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